Session 4.2 Traffic Safety

Moderator: Juris Smirnovs, Riga Technical University

Gábor Pauer, Nóra Krizsik, Szilárd Szigeti and Zsolt Hamza. Identification and analysis of potential risk factors influencing the road safety level at designated pedestrian crossings.
Māris Šeflers. Zebra crossing equipment and condition on non-signalled pedestrian crossings in Latvia.
Gernot Sauter, Marcel Doering and Rik Nuyttens. High performance pavement markings enhancing Camera and LiDAR detection.
Valentīna Āmare and Juris Smirnovs. Road traffic safety analysis of different junction types on the state roads.
Gunta Krūmiņa, Līva Volberga, Gatis Ikaunieks and Lauris Naumovs. The development of brightness evaluation method for digital billboards and light objects.