Estonia is represented in BRA by the Estonian Transport Administration.

There are 16,584 km of state roads in Estonia, their density in the country is approx. 364 km per 1,000 km2 and 12.6 km per 1,000 population. 

Estonian Transport Administration 

Estonian Transport Administration (ETA) is a government agency operating within the administrative area of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications in the field of road construction, management and maintenance as well as traffic safety. Furthermore,  ETA manages the Estonian traffic registry and vehicle technical inspection system, issues driving licenses, organizes public bus transport etc. Estonian Transport Administration’s main areas of activities have been divided into three main areas managed by three Deputy Director Generals: construction, maintenance, traffic safety and public transport.

Main tasks of the Estonian Transport Administration include: 

  • road management and creation of conditions for safe traffic on national roads;
  • improvement of traffic safety and reduction of harmful environmental impact of vehicles;
  • organization of traffic and public transport;
  • management of the National Road Databank, the Vehicle Register and the Public Transport Information System; maintaining the system of stationary automated speed cameras
  • participation in the elaboration of policies, strategies, and development plans in its area of activity and participation in the preparation and implementation of international projects.

For more information, please, refer to the ETA website: