The Baltic Road Association (BRA) was established in 2014 as a non-profit organisation in Estonia. It continues cooperation of the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian Road Administrations, which started in 1989. It also serves as a successor of the cooperation which began already in 1932.  

Key aim of the BRA is to seek possibilities for mutual co-operation, such as:

  • To conduct joint studies
  • To co-ordinate the work of technical expert groups
  • To organize seminars of mutual interest
  • To organize international road conference every four years
  • To participate, if needed, in the process of harmonization of the legislation in the EU road sector
  • To co-operate with other relevant international organizations

Official name of BRA: 

  • Baltic Road Association (BRA) — in English
  • Balti Teedeliit (BTL) — in Estonian
  • Baltijas Ceļinieku Asociācija (BCA) — in Latvian
  • Baltijos šalių kelininkų asociacija (BKA) — in Lithuanian

The presidency of BRA is based on a four-year rotation principle. From 2017 until 2021, Latvia is the chairing country of BRA. The cycle is summed up in the international conference and exhibition. The conference marks the final stage of the country‘s presidency.