Session 2.6 Road Construction & Innovative Materials

Bartłomiej Grzesik, Marcin Grygierek, Przemysław Rokitowski, Zdzisław Adamczyk and Jacek Nowak. Adverse Effects of Flaming as a Surface Treatment Method for Stone Slabs Used in Road Pavements.
Romet Raun and Marek Truu. Motivational Bonus-system Based on Pavement Installation Temperatures Measured by Thermographic System (TGS Pavement) in Estonia.
Timo Tsefels. Comparative Laboratory Analysis of Gravel and Sand Properties with LWD and CBR Equipment.
Vilius Filotenkovas and Audrius Vaitkus. Theoretical Analysis Of The Effect Of Aggregate Shape And Structure On The Stiffness Of Unbound Base Layer.
Andrius Baltrušaitis, Audrius Vaitkus and Paulius Paplauskas. Comparison of Asphalt Pavement Compaction Quality Determination Using Ground Penetrating Radar and Other Traditional and Non-destructive Testing Methods.