Session 2.5 Road Construction & Innovative Materials

Ain Kendra and Riho Eichfuss. Dynatest LWD in Quality Control.
Michal Golos and Piotr Mazurowski. Pavement Optimisation with Aggregate Base or Asphalt Layers Stabilised with Hexagonal Geogrids.
Ivan Kopynets and Oleksii Sokolov. Reuse of Polyethylene to Improve the Properties of Asphalt Concrete.
Judita Gražulytė, Audrius Vaitkus and Simona Bitarytė. Optimisation of Nano-ZnO and Nano-SiO2 Mixing Time for Bitumen Modification.
Mantas Makulavicius and Henrikas Sivilevicius. Baltic Countries Mineral Resources and Aggregates Usage Analysis.