Session 2.3 Road Construction & Innovative Materials

Jānis Baumanis, Arturs Riekstins and Andris Balodis. Investigation of comparability of TSRST and SCB cracking tests for evaluation of low-temperature properties in asphalt mixtures and use in quality control.
Mukul Rathore, Kaspars Kalnins, Viktors Haritonovs and Martins Zaumanis. Effect of short-term conditioning on fracture performance of high content reclaimed asphalt mixtures using digital image correlation.
Anik Gupta, Jorge Rodriguez-Hernandez and Daniel Castro-Fresno. Influence of glass fibers on the low temperature strength of the porous asphalt mixtures.
Artūrs Riekstiņš, Jānis Baumanis, Kristaps Krastiņš and Kristaps Kaļinka. Assessment of surface characteristics for coarse aggregates by flowing coefficient method.