The 30th International Baltic Road Conference is supported by:

Golden sponsor:

3M is dedicated to improving transportation infrastructure and mobility so motorists can arrive at their destinations safely. High-performance materials combine with innovative systems and services to help you bring the best roadways systems into reality. For over 80 years, 3M has shared in your mission to make our roadway safer.

Silver sponsors:

Teconer Oy is a company specializing in sophisticated optical measurement systems for professional use. We have a strong know how in measurement systems, especially in measuring road weather conditions, in developing road surface sensors, and in understanding formation of slippery conditions through icing of water and anti-icing solutions. We provide both mobile and stationary road and runway monitoring systems.

Vaisala is a global leader in weather, environmental, and industrial measurements.

Vaisala’s winter road maintenance solutions empower decision-makers with the timely and highly accurate weather observations and insights they need to make safe, data-driven decisions and more effectively utilize resources. Vaisala’s exclusive combination of hardware, software and service solutions allow road authorities to plan, mobilize and monitor the effectiveness of winter maintenance actions with total confidence, thereby increasing road mobility and safety in the face of winter weather conditions.

For more information about Vaisala’s winter road maintenance solutions, please visit www.vaisala.com/winter-road-maintenance.