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logo LT EN small      Lithuania is represented in BRA by
      the Lithuanian Road Administration.



There are 21 121 km of state roads in Lithuania, their density in the country is approx. 331 km per 1,000 km2 and 5.8 km per 1,000 population.


Lithuanian Road Administration

The LRA functions as a state institution and implements the strategy of road construction and maintenance.


Lithuanian Road Administration also carries out the following functions:

  • act as an employer for state road construction and maintenance works
  • participate in the National Commission of Traffic Safety and take responsibility for the implementation of its decisions
  • prepare legislation within its competence, supervise how the legal acts are observed, control how they are implemented in regional road administrations and submit proposals for the improvement of state road legislation
  • sets up the programmes on the road construction, maintenance, implementation of new technology and use of natural resources, improving the traffic safety, foreign investment and research
  • on the basis of the Road Fund budget, distribute its funds for the purpose of road construction and maintenance, traffic safety, etc and controls how the funds are used
  • organise local and international tendering procedures and sign contracts with physical and juridical entities for works and services
  • control the quality of works and carry out their technical supervision
  • co-ordinatethe activities of the road infrastructure development
  • collects data, manages and is responsible for the road data bank
  • co-ordinates and ensures the smooth operation of the road weather information system
For more information, please, refer to the LRA website: www.lra.lt


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