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Tallinn 2017


The 29th Baltic Road Conference was held on 27-30 August 2017 in Tallinn, Estonia 


  •  4 technical tours were organized as an internal part of the conference
  • 70 companies from took part in the exhibition
  • 101 oral and  26 poster presentations 
  • 856 delegates from 34 countries participated the conference  


Antti Vehviläinen

Visions of road infra before cars fly

 Thierry Goger

Towards the 5th generation of roads and its integration into the transport system and land management: FOREVER OPEN ROAD and TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURE


Dan Campshall

Young and Mobile; challenging social norms and reducing risk in young drivers



Andreas Haak

The use of RFID based License Plates – Advantages and Applications


Kristjan Korjus

The future of delivery in smart cities


Erik Schlangen

Self-healing asphalt: a cure for potholes


Martijn te Lintelo

How urban cycling benefits your city


Richard Owen

The Deployment and Effectiveness of Average Speed Cameras in the UK



Leo Carroll

Improving Vehicle Safety and Emissions Inspection Programs in a Time of Rapidly Changing Technologies



Raz Peleg

From Innovation to Regulation


Salvis Skabs

Development of Road Improvement Programmes Financed from the State Budget


Evaldas Morkūnas, Aivaras Vilkelis

Strategic Road Maintenance and Development Programme of Republic of Lithuania for 2030. A Tool for Using National Funds to Create a Sustainable and Viable Road Network


Remigijus Lipkevičius

European Union financial support: Past, Present and Future 


Ģirts Augstkalns

Road User Charge for Heavy Vehicles – Latvian Experience in Introducing Vignette


Juris Tauriņš, Toms Mietulis

Road Quality as a Balance between Needs, Possibilities and Sustainable Development


Andrzej Maciejewski

TransEuropean Motorway Project of UNECE



Audrius Vaitkus, Tadas Andriejauskas, Viktoras Vorobjovas, Miglė Paliukaitė

FOX and USE-IT: harmonized and interoperable transport infrastructure across all transport modes 

Allan Ladva

Land aquisition process as preparation for road construction and maintenance


Evaldas Morkūnas, Benas Urbelis, Aivaras Vilkelis

Methodology for Evaluation and Functional Re-Classification of State Roads in relation to the Whole Road Network


Mairis Čukurs

Maintenance of Updated State Road Map as a Support Tool for Ensuring Protection and Development of State Roads in Long-term


Eglė Narkevičiūtė

Lithuanian local road network 

Kastytis Grigas

Experience of LRA in implementing PPP projects 


Dagnija Sijāte, Verners Akimovs

E67/A7 Ķekava Bypass. The First Public-Private Partnership Project for Road Infrastructure in Latvia



Timo Saarenketo

What New Technologies can provide to Intelligent Road Asset Management

Zigmantas Perveneckas, Evaldas Petrikas, Aja Tumavičė, Audrius Vaitkus 

Road construction and maintenance regulations, Lithuanian experience 


Agita Stapkēviča, Gints Alberiņš

Selection of Economically Most Advantageous Offers in Construction Supervision

Javier Garcia Robles, Beatriz Royo 

InSAR ground motion monitoring for critical transport  Infrastructures


Marek Truu

Pavement thickness evaluation with non-destructive methods

Audrius Vaitkus, Viktoras Vorobjovas, Judita Gražulytė, Lina Juknevičiūtė–Žilinskienė

Evaluation of asphalt pavements performance rehabilitated with cold in-place recycling technique


[paper] [presentation]

Winfried Schramm

Advanced direct quality control for asphalt compaction 

Michalina Makowska, Terhi Pellinen, Wojciech Solowski

Assesment of risks in the Hot In-Place Recycling in Finland during the summer of 2016


Taavi Dettenborn, Juha Forsman, Peeter Škepast, Artu Ellmann, Ivo Vallas, Taavi Tõnts, Karli Kontson

Challenges and solutions in construction of Tallinn-Tartu highway over peat deposits 

Ivica Androjić, Gordana Kaluđer

The Influence of Grain Composition on Dry Density Mixture Stabilization with Cement


Gunta Ķikse

Recommendations for Solutions for Road Structure Design in Proximity of Nature Conservation Areas – Mires.

Dr Klaus Habermehl, Dr Jürgen Follmann, Andrus Prükk

Noise Abatement and Air Quality Control in Germany


Andres Brakmann, Kersti Ritsberg

Electricity Production By-Products Use in Road Construction

Lars Forstén

Low-emission pavement solutions


Raido Randmaa

Comparison of winter maintenance requirements (Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden)

Adam Zofka, Ewa Zofka

Implementation of pavement asset management with climate change aspect


Martynas Jurkevičius, Virgaudas Puodžiukas

Implementation of the long term road maintenance planning for Vilnius Region Roads

Evaldas Morkūnas, Benas Urbelis

Optimization of Winter Maintenance Routes in Lithuanian Road Network

Karmen Kütt, Märt Puust

Implementing road weather forecasting in Estonia

Urmas Konsap

Dust control methods on gravel roads


Jaan Ingermaa, Tanel Jairius, Aare Tuulik, Marit Abiline

Estonian Road Databank modernization

Martynas Makaravičius, Modestas Lukošiūnas

Road Maintenance Management in Lithuania


Märt Puust

The results of research in road surface condition measurements with mobile road condition sensors

[paper] [presentation]

Laurynas Ivinskis

Road Asset Management System


Sanita Muižniece

Two Sides of Road Maintenance

Tuomas Lievonen, Jarmo Luht 

Re-leveling and stabilisation of subsiding infrastructures

[paper] [presentation]


Matas Bulevičius, Andrius Baltrušaitis, Šereika Audronius

Good practice in Lithuania of using granite filler for the production of asphalt mixtures

Hendrik Puhkim

OSAMAT project – results of oil shale by-products testing in roads construction


Marta Wójcik-Wiśniewska, Krzysztof Błażejowski

Low-temperature properties of bituminous binders and asphalt mixtures

Carl Robertus

What ever happened to bitumen in Europe?


Adam Zofka, Dominika Maliszewska, Migle Paliukaitė, Agnieszka Woszuk

Chemistry-based methods for assesments of asphalt binder quality

Andris Balodis

Determining of Adhesion Properties of Bitumen and Aggregate with the Method of Processing Photographs


Martins Zaumanis, Maria-Chiara Cavalli, Lily D. Poulikakos

Effect of rejuvinator addition location in asphalt plant on binder properties


Priit Willbach

Experimental section of concrete pavement urban road in Tallinn


Simon Hesp

Improvements in Asphalt Cement Specifications and Test Methods


Audrius Vaitkus, Viktoras Vorobjovas, Algis Pakalnis,  Aivaras Vilkelis, Ovidijus Šernas

Pavement structure and condition analysis of low volume gravel roads in Lithuania


Artūrs Riekstiņš, Viktors Haritonovs, Janis Tihonovs

Research on restauration and reconstruction technologies of asphalt concrete for very thin layers

Peteris Skels, Viktors Haritonovs

Forest road pavement stabilization with wood fly ash


Linek Małgorzata

Pavement quality cement concrete of extended operational durability


John Laurent, Jean Francois Hebert, Mario Talbot

Using full lane 1mm resolution 3D road survey data for the automated detection of surface characteristics and geometry


Ervīns Puriņš

Use of Ground Penetrating Radar / 3D Laser Scanner System on Latvian Roads


Marek Truu

Air void measurements with ground penetrating radar – Estonian experience and practice


Aldis Zalaiskalns

The Use of Ground-Penetrating Radar in Determining Pavement Layer Thickness and Void Content in Latvia


Karmen Kütt

Predictive modelling of road friction based on macro-texture and road PMS data


Pauli Kolisoja, Petri Varin

Super heavy trucks started to operate on the Finnish road network – how do the roads survive?


Sven Sillamäe

Estonian guideline for pavement geosynthetics


Józef Judycki, Piotr Jaskula, Marek Pszczola, Dawid Rys, Mariusz Jaczewski, Jacek Alenowicz, Bohdan Dolzycki, Marcin Stienss

The New Polish Catalogue of Typical Flexible and Semi-Rigid Pavements


Ari Hartikainen, Terhi Pellinen, Pekka Eskelinen

Quantification of asphalt inhomogeneity


Gediminas Gribulis, Donatas Cygas, Audrius Vaitkus

Application of the soft asphalt for regional roads reconstruction and national roads rehabilitation



Nenad Nikolic, UNECE

UNECE activities for better road traffic safety


Raul Vibo

Implementation of the Road Safety Directive 2008/96/EC - practical issues and recommendations


Jiří Ambros, Jan Novák, Petr Neuwirth, Mariusz Kieć, Dawid Dudek, Tadas Andriejauskas, Dovydas Skrodenis

Using speed profiles to investigate the impact of traffic calming measures


Dr Jürgen Follmann, Dr Klaus Habermehl Andrus Prükk

Audit of roads in operation as addition for traffic safety


Nemunas Abukauskas

Automatic speed control systems development on the Lithuanian State Road


Tanel Jairus

Using LIDAR data to assess visibility on roads


Jānis Kastanovskis

Road Safety and Winter Maintenance Costs


Maria Pashkevich, Reigo Ude, Erik Ernits, Nemunas Abudauskas, Niklavs Lipins

Road safety performance on E67 road Estonia-Latvia-Lithuania corridor


Mindaugas Katkus

“1+1” in Via Baltica – Effective Temporary Measure


Paolo Perego

Perception of road hazards in a Tanzanian Secondary School


Uwe Petry




Reija Viinanen

Aurora - an Artic intelligent tranport test-ecosystem in Finland


Robert Ziolkowski

Traffic management efficacy – early experiences of the sectional speed system operation in Poland

Sébastien Mure, Maarja Rannama 

ITS Estonia - a partnership to deliver intelligent mobility


Boriss Jelisejevs

Implementation of SmartE67 Project

Stanislav Metlitski

Ultimate tool for traffic data collection



Saulius Zadlauskas

Dynamic testing of bridges in Lithuania

Verners Straupe, Juris Linde, Martins Taurenis

New cable-stayed bridge over river Daugava


Tiago Massingue, Andre Greyling

The Strenghtening and Maintenance of Bridge B5512 on National Route 14, section 6 in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa


Vytautas Gaidys

Implementation of Bridge Management System in Lithuania


Ainars Paeglitis

New opportunities of Timber Bridges in Latvia


Jose Campos e Matos

An overview of the most advanced frameworks for bridge asset management


Lars Pettersson, Piotr Tomala

Design of buried structures


Sander Sein

Life Cycle Analysis of reinforced concrete bridges in Baltic countries


Verners Straupe, Juris Linde, Martins Taurenis

Traffic structures on the new northern bypass of Riga